Oxygenate your body and accelerate your recovery

Biomium Clinic is your Hyperbaric Medicine center in Malaga. The sessions in the hyperbaric chamber promote cell regeneration and accelerate recovery times in various pathologies and diseases, in processes of traumatology and sports medicine.

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We can achieve results in half the time in injury recovery.

An essential advantage offered by the hyperbaric chamber is the shortening of traditional treatments, whether pharmacological or rehabilitation, which can sometimes achieve results in half the recovery time for injuries.

It also has anti-inflammatory effects, improves the immune system, blood circulation, makes the person perceive less symptoms of chronic fatigue and this, in itself, improves the quality of life of patients who undergo this treatment.

Burns, ulcers and wounds

Increased oxygen in damaged tissues stimulates the formation of new blood vessels, promotes cell regeneration and strengthens the immune system, which helps fight infections and accelerates healing.

Bactericidal in infections

Polymorphonuclear leukocytes increase and improve their bactericidal action in the organism. Applicable in cases of otitis and extreme malignant ear infections and fasciitis, as well as in sudden hypoacusis syndrome.


It stimulates cell regeneration, promotes collagen and elastin production, and helps improve skin texture and tone. In addition, the improved oxygenation promotes the elimination of toxins and wastes.

Sports performance

In athletes it is recommended to improve their performance, as it optimizes the tolerance of physical activity and performance in sports practice, improves muscle performance and helps in physical recovery after exercise.


Application in otorhinolaryngology, as in the case of hypoxias secondary to radiotherapies, which may have caused tissue necrosis leading to hearing loss.


Hyperbaric therapy helps reduce swelling and edema, relieves pain and accelerates the rehabilitation process. Promotes healing of bone fractures, muscle injuries and soft tissue damage by stimulating collagen production.


Advantages of Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

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than the rest of the centers in the province of Malaga.

More advanced

We have renewed our hyperbaric chamber in 2023.

Free consultation

Face-to-face with the doctor who will evaluate your case.


Safety certified and scientifically endorsed.


Frequently asked questions about hyperbaric medicine

It is located in our Biomium center in Alhaurín de la Torre in Málaga. We receive patients from all over Andalusia.

All sessions are performed under the prescription of a hyperbaric physician who supervises the process and evolution.

The physician may advise against its use in patients with respiratory infections, pneumothorax, pulmonary emphysema or other pathologies incompatible with hyperbaric treatment.

This depends very much on the desired benefits and the patient's condition. For recovery from high intensity sports activities only one session is necessary, but for severe infection treatments, the patient's condition is evaluated to recommend several sessions, also taking into account the response and evolution to treatment with hyperbaric medicine.

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